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Client Testimonials

"My introduction to Lalaine was an act of Divine intervention. I was in the throws of a disabling panic attack. Overwhelmed with fear and anxiety I looked up a meditation by Eckert Tolle hoping to calm my thoughts. To my surprise a video popped up on Heart Consciousness by Lalaine. Without hesitation I hit play. Within 20 minutes I had no symptoms of the attack, instead found myself in a state of calm, clarity and complete peace. The impact of her healing meditation inspired me to learn more.

I have had 4 appointments that have been nothing less than life changing. We have addressed every past and present block from childhood trauma, failed relationships, medical history, professional work challenges to the very specific: my life’s work, spiritual calling, divine gifts and inner peace.

Lalaine is a Spiritual Warrior, a champion of Heart consciousness and a highly effective healer. 

She is unapologetically authentic, accessible, relatable and most importantly a living example of the work she passionately shares with the world.

My personal growth has been a direct result of her commitment to facilitating my greatest evolution in the most practical and inspired manner. ACTION!

I have gained invaluable tools to address the unresolved issues with positive results.  The panic attacks no longer plague me and my vision for my life is clear and unlimited in its potential.

I enthusiastically invite you to leave your (UN)comfortable zone of the known, and step into the unknown of your freedom from pain, fear, and limiting beliefs. There is no Spiritual Ego in her work, rather, pure joy, honesty and an amazing shoulder shimmy that always leaves me filled with joy and profound gratitude.  Thank you LaLaine for seeing the Lighthouse within me and activating my beam of light. Transformational!!"


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