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About Me

Where there is dark, there is light.

My childhood was very rough and raw - which created a dangerously unstable environment and an exorbitant amount of toxic programming within myself. In high school, I took a Psychology class which led to a great deal of surprise, shock, and relief. I instantly felt a resounding - AH HA! It was then that I began my huge discovery and realization of the reasons behind behaviors, that of others, and most of all that of my own

In reclaiming my life - I finally no longer felt lost and helpless in what felt like forced acceptance of receiving and duplicating harmful habits. I finally felt comforted in knowing that the nightmare in my mind would soon be over, for my wounds ran so deep. I finally felt the ‘distortion’’ shift around and away from my soul as it began to reveal my true authentic self

I began the challenging and sweet journey of self-discovery. Through engaging in many different modalities of therapy and self-help over decades, I suddenly found myself in a profound awareness of an abundant and infinite source of energy. And in this awareness, my passion is to help each client find the spark within, to truly experience, embody, live a joyful life. It is possible! Your body, mind, and heart can automatically shift into resilience - in the wake of life’s tribulations. It is possible! Your passion for living can be restored, It is possible! 

You deserve to feel deeply rooted in your own fulfillment. 

I am sincerely honored, humbled, and excited to be part of this chapter in your journey.